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Early in the 21 st century the United States went bankrupt.The out of control budget deficit and the economic mismanagement had finally caught up with the arrogant government and the nation fell.The meat was advertised as a rare delicacy that denoted power and wealth.The public believed that they were experiencing the good life when they partook of this delicacy and did all they could to get more of the prized meat.The infrastructure of many of the great cities collapsed into anarchy and bloodshed.Rioting led to ultra-violence as the government tried to clamp down.

In fact, the government and the breeders encouraged the farmers to buy matures.Joey's father had farmed girl meat for almost fifteen years, almost as long as Joey had been alive. Grant had been a cattle rancher, but when the mad cow crisis hit, he was compelled to switch to another type of livestock. He thought the new meat animals looked and acted like humans.The farm administration was pushing the farming of homo-primates, a new bioengineer meat animal based on monkeys and apes. Sure they were not as smart, but by almost all criteria, they were human.Prices soon rose to levels that most people could not afford.To keep the public on side, human meat was made available to the public, at affordable prices, on festive occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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