The walking dead s3ep13 online dating

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The Governor laughs at Rick's proposal and demands his surrender.Andrea tries to calm them down but The Governor orders her out, to which Rick agrees they need to speak in private.She’s catching her breath, horrified by what her own hands have done, unwilling to proceed to the final act.She’s been put in an impossible position: The young woman, on the cusp of adulthood, has been forced to be a beacon of hope for the ranchers, who are condemned to death."Turn her over and this all goes away." At the prison, Merle tries to enlist Michonne on his assassination mission. Meanwhile, Rick asks The Governor why he'd waste time on a personal vendetta, then wonders if he can even trust The Governor to honor his end of the deal. Then The Governor, Milton and Martinez get in their truck to leave. Back in Woodbury, The Governor gives instructions to surround the feed store and kill everyone except Michonne when the time comes. "No way we can all live side by side." Rick's group returns to the prison, where Rick briefs everyone: "He wants us dead, for what we did to Woodbury," he says."We're going to war." Rick privately tells Hershel about The Governor's offer for Rick to hand over Michonne, explaining he lied to the others so they'd be scared enough to accept it.Ofelia and Crazy Dog are the ones to crawl through the vents to kickstart the airflow, but it’ll take them hours before they can get back — which brings about the harsh reality.

At the prison, Merle packs a duffel bag full of guns and announces his plan to kill The Governor.

"This guy cops a feel of your woman and you pussy out like this? The two brawl, in which Maggie and Michonne intervene, while Beth ends the fight by firing a single shot from a .38 Colt Detective Special revolver into the ceiling, without saying a word. The Governor tells Rick that between the size of his army and the combat readiness of Rick's group, the fight between Woodbury and the prison will come down to the last man.

Andrea privately asks Hershel what The Governor did to Maggie. Andrea despairs and says she can't go back to Woodbury. Then he offers Rick a deal: "I want Michonne," he says as he shows his damaged eye to Rick. He apologizes for his recent behavior, and they abandon their guard post to have sex. "We're going to have to eliminate Rick sooner or later," The Governor reasons.

"I heard about the raids, the heads, Maggie." Rick says, glaring at The Governor.

Outside, Milton introduces himself as The Governor's "adviser." Daryl and Martinez eye each other aggressively.

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