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Use Pink or Blue®, the earliest and most accurate method of prenatal gender detection.*Pink or Blue® is conducted by Consumer Genetics Laboratory and advertises a 98% accurate at 9 weeks.'The stage is split into 6 acting areas, 3 downstage and 3 upstage').(Also the name of an early Strand down-lighting floodlight - known as 'Ack Ack').Person (male or female) whose role is to play a character other than his/her own.Refunds are only provided after the birth of the child and against a copy of the birth certificate.

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The laboratory has a quality assurance program that continuously monitors the quality of its methods. Easy DNA offers an avant-garde and highly scientific baby gender prediction DNA test that can be done from the 9th week of pregnancy. Knowing the sex of your unborn child is helpful during the planning and preparation stages before the birth, and our kit can give you a 98% accurate result, by just pricking the tip of your finger! To calculate any dates related to your pregnancy, you may use our pregnancy calculator.If the male Y chromosome is detected then get ready for it: You will have a baby boy.There is a 2% error rate that is attributed to the home nature of the test and user error such as taking the test too early or not providing enough blood samples.However, levels of fetal DNA vary from pregnancy to pregnancy and there may not always be sufficient volumes of DNA in the 9th week to provide an accurate result.

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