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Even on a cold day when I'm in my shop I raise both doors about 6 inches for ventilation. When we built in 2002, I had Overhead Garage Door Co, doors installed.And on good days both ends of my shop are wide open and I often drag machines outside. They are the 'Thermacore 490 series and are advertised at R-17.5.

all day, and you can lay your hand on the inside of the door and keep it there as along as you want.Further study shows the subject to be of almost unbelievable complexity." Homer Powley This topic has come up before, so you might try using the forum search function to see what you find.Yeah, I did a search here but the search function is pretty lame.Foam insultaion has a higher R-value, per inch than batt insulation.Foam gives you R-5 per inch, where batt insulation you can get anywhere from R-3 to R-4 depending on type.

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